Friday, March 18, 2005

DJ's world tour

Hey Everyone,

This is London calling. Actually I left London today and I'm in Amsterdam right now.
My dad set up a blog website for me to upload pics and thoughts so this is where you can check it out:

It has two pages: pics and blogs. There isn't much on it right now, but give me a day and hopefully I'll be able to upload my London pics and thoughts.
You can also leave comments or just say hello. Love to here from you all.
So far so good. London was cool, but I think I'm going to enjoy Amsterdam alot more!

Enjoy and stay in touch.


PS. Yo Tom and Cath

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The ride thru Belgium

Belgium: So through the internet site I managed to find a ride from Amsterdam to Paris for $20E. It was a tight ride with 5 guys in a mid-size Suzuki, but it wasn't too bad. Franklin our driver who makes the trip twice a month, Kareem (Parisian), Steve (Oz/England), and an Israeli whose name I could not pick up. We talked the way and Franklin even brought along coffee for everyone. He's got the drive down pat. We stopped in Antwerp and sampled some fresh Belgium chocolate. Delicious! And later Franklin took us on a little history tour of Arras, France. Very old architecture. It used to be the Dutch southern capitol before France took over. At about the 6 hour mark we got to Paris and since Kareem lived near Friends Hostel he directed us there via the Metro. Steve decided to hang there for the night so we both checked in, chilled with a little of Amsterdams reminents and went out to check out Paris.......