Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to St. Lucia

Hopefully everyone has made it to the new website address:
If not, I guess you aren’t reading this!
So it looks like I’m headed to St. Lucia for some work on Motoryacht Champagne Cher where my friend Chef Fran is currently working. I don’t know exactly for how long, but it looks like 10-14 days. I’m looking forward to visiting a new Caribbean Island. I’ll be taking along my new camera so hopefully I’ll come back with a bunch of great photos.
I’m leaving Friday 6:45pm from San Diego, on to LAX, then Atlanta and finally to St. Lucia. It will be a long day. So the bad news is I’ll be working on my Birthday, the good news is I’ll be on a tropical island!
I have no idea what phone service will be like down there, but I should be able to check in on the internet. I’ll keep you posted…….