Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Season 2006

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!
I'm writing today's blog in the dark. Well, sort of. Tonight we had a bit of a wind storm which knocked out power to about 1200 residences, ours being one of them. But one of the perks of living on the boat is having two generators at your disposal. It makes all the maintenance worthwhile. For instance I'm really glad that yesterday we replaced the bad battery which starts up the generator. I can now appreciate the exertion put out to haul that 120 lb crate of sulfuric acid up and down the steps.

Anyhoo, we had the Holiday Boat Parade party this weekend. It turned out to be a 23 hour day, but all went well and everyone had a nice time. I took a few pics, but I'm not going to post them. I don't want everyone racing out for new eye glass prescriptions. My camera doesn't do so well with night pics and they are all super dark or blurry. Maybe my new keychain camera will do better at night?

Now we are preparing to cruise over to the Bahamas on Friday. Hopefully we'll get X-mas Monday off and on Tuesday the guests arrive. So a few last minute preparations and we are off with a new chef and stewardess. I'll check in with the details, but probably not until next year.

So I did get my X-mas package even though I got an email from UPS saying they lost all the shipping information. Funny, they lost my address, but not my email address??
I actually thought it might be a Phishing solicitation, especially when the link didn't go through. But it arrived, Thank You! And I'm also thankful that those Pringles cans aren't any larger. I let Pierre have two cookies and then ate the rest in one sitting. So, Mom, you can put off your anorexia concerns for a bit. I'm sure that binge added a pound or two.

Enjoy the holidays, and if you see Santa tell him not to forget to stop offshore....