Friday, March 11, 2005

London Calling

All right, so here I go with my impressions, thoughts, rant and raves...
London: First things first. I need to trade in my sawbucks for pounds. Me: "Please change $170 US to pounds." Her: "Brace yourself. Here is your $67 pounds. Ouch! Somehow I don't believe the U.S. economy is doing as well as our analysts/politicians are leading us to believe.
I hop on to the "Underground Tube" which is great! You can get anywhere. Found the Hostel without much trouble and checked in. Took a walk, but not much to see in the area. Since I hadn't gotten any sleep on the plane and nobody was really keen on going out, I resigned to the jet lag and relaxed for the evening.
Next morning and its time to do the tourist things. I take the Tube to Westminster station and start taking the obligatory pics. Big Ben/Parliament/the Thames/Piccadilly Circus/Green & Hyde parks/ Trafalgar Square and here and there. Checked out the National Portrait Gallery. Every Brit who was every famous. They had a cool interactive library with their past and present collections. Ended the night at the local pub and the next morning I'll be on EasyJet to Amsterdam. 2 days/2 nights. Short & Sweet. Gotta move on...
Stayed tuned for Amsterdam. It gets a lot more interesting!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Notes About this Site

Hi Folks,

This is Art, DJ's dad. I set this site up for DJ before he took off so
that he could keep us updated on his travels. Here's what he and I will be
doing to keep you informed. DJ will be making blog entries via email. All
he has to do is send an email to an address I set up and it will be
automatically posted to the blog. I'm actually doing that right now with
this message.

As far as pictures go, from time to time DJ will upload a batch of pictures
to a folder and I will post some of them on the site. Though I probably
won't post every picture he sends, I will be archiving them all for
whatever we might want to do with them in the future.

As you have probably noticed, you can add your comments to any blog
entry. If you have any questions or problems at this site, just drop me an
email at


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here we go. landed at heathrow and i'm off......

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