Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer in NJ '07

Hello Everyone. I'm back in NJ for the summer. For the first couple of weeks the weather was cool and pleasant. Now it's getting downright hot. We had a three day heatwave this week. Unfortunately, this heat is doing nothing to warm up the ocean water. We may actually need to put our booties back on if the south winds don't abate and let the warm gulf stream waters creep into shore.

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Surfed a few times, rode some bike trails (pics of the ocean acres land trust posted) and had a family BBQ with the new babies (pics also posted).

The Barnegat house is sold, but can't close because they discovered oil on the property. No, not a geyser, a trickle which leaked out of the old underground tank. Waiting for the clean up to be scheduled and the state to sign off on it. Parents are keeping their fingers crossed to make it up to New Hampshire before Randye has the baby.

Working with LBI Boating Instruction. The boat maintenance schedule is very relaxed so mainly we are just concentrating on instructing the NJ Recreational Boating Safety course in people's homes and at the occasional Fire House or Marina venue.

Well, like I said, nothing really exciting. The Bennies and Shoobies are here in force and summer is in full swing here at the Jersey Shore.