Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Australia III

Friday. October 14th 2005 Week 30

Woody picked me up and we drove south from Perth. After checking a few spots we wound up surfing Margarets Main break. The locals were calling it four foot. We would measure it up as a solid 8 foot. There were about 15 guys out so it wasn’t really crowded. This first
paddle out at this spot spun me out a bit. All the locals were riding 7-8ft., 3 inch thick boards and half of them were wearing helmets! Here I am paddling out for the first time on a 6’0” and of course, no cranium protection. Anyway, I survived my first experience with the infamous break unscathed, but wished I had a good 6’6” to ride.

Afterwards we checked in again at the hostel and after getting a late start moseyed over to The Wine Bar. We savored a nice Margaret Merlot when a hot blonde pretended to be interested in the painting behind my shoulder. So we chatted up the Queensland
export and eventually her South African/Aussie friend Mel joined her. It turned out that Woody and Mel had met previously. Eventually as they chased us out of the Wine Bar we decided to check out The Three Bears, but Deb wasn't in the mood. I tried to get her to go, but no go. Then I tried to get her to take me home, but she wasn't going for that either. So we headed over with Mel to suck down more beer and some Tequilla shots. There was a DJ spinning and one seriously out of his head guy who freaked me out a bit. Closed down that place too.

Grabbed some coffee in the morning and headed to Margaret's Southside to surf with about 12 other guys on some just slightly smaller surf. With yesterday behind me I was feeling pretty stoked to get out there until I began the long paddle out. A guy was just paddling ashore and his head was split open with blood pouring from the wound. He actually asked me "how ya going?" "Yeah Good, Are you alright!?" "Yeah, no worries!" Gets ya thinking about the helmet thing.

Anyway, I got my fair share without eating the reef and after getting a few pics from the
overlooking parking lot we went to The Bootleg for lunch. Enjoyed some food and microbrewed beer in the nice sunny Margaret River countryside. Woody is heading back up to Perth so I hitch a ride up to Gup's house in Bunbury.

We head straight to The Parade's beer garden on the river to drink jugs of Carlton with Penny and family. Then we went over to Penny's with a carton and needless to say we played ping pong and drank them all. Birch and his soon to be wife came by and when I
began speaking to her she asked me why I was speaking with an American accent. Well, she is blonde.
Slept in, chilled out, watched a disturbing movie suggested by Gup called "Saw", had another yummy meal prepared by Mrs. Guppy, watched a guy win a million bucks on "Who Wants to be a millionaire", and went to bed having for the first time in the trip the unpleasant
realization that in the morning I will have to wake up to go to work ;(

Gup's brother Clinton picked me up in the morning and the grind began. They nearly broke me the first day ;) It's been a real long time since I worked and a real, real long time since I worked this hard. All I'm gonna say is that concrete is nice only when it's beneath your feet!! Tuesday was better when I got to help frame up, Gyp rock, flush and sand a room. Later in the week we put in a drop ceiling.

Gup got tickets for the International Rules Footy game so we headed up to Perth after lunch for the Ireland vs. Australia football match. Tailgated at Dan and Mez's place and walked over to Subiaco Stadium. Watched with Gups' parents as Australia trounced on Ireland.
As a side note: apparently I was able to locate the most popular mens room in the stadium because in the time it took I could have walked 2km to my car, gone in a empty bottle, stopped on the way back for a tofu dog and leisurely walked back to my seat!!!

Got another surf in on Sunday. Penny along with his mate Stewart picked me up at 6am for the 250km drive down to Hamelin Bay. Boranup that day wasn't really anything to write home about: a shifty chest high beach break. Got some lunch in smalltown Margaret River. Dripped beet juice on my new white t-shirt. That evening we went to The Prince and had some drinks with Birch, Joe and her mate Amy. Listened to a couple of live bands and capped off the evening with a jaunt for kebabs. Always kebabs! Ya know, late night pizza by the slice would kill here! The market is wide open. Hell, I alone could probably sustain it.

Just a short blog this time. Sorry. I know I'm behind, but it's all down in the journal , so I'll post more soon. Wishing everyone an early "Happy Thanksgiving!!" And remember, really we are all turkeys. :)