Thursday, February 12, 2009

GM is Evil!

GM is EVIL!!

Not you GM (Glenn Miller), nor General Motors (They are another fish to fry) and not even General Mills. I’m referring to “Genetically Modified” foods and organisms. Oh wait, actually yes, General Mills is evil also. Why? Because they support and use “genetically modified” foods (GM) and don’t feel the need to label this and give the consumer a choice over what they ingest.

There is a big behind the scenes war going on and I’d like to bring your attention to it because if people don’t wake up the greedy power hungry corporations will win this war. This is a war that could quickly affect every man, woman and child on Earth. A loss of which will make it impossible and illegal to grow your own food. If you choose to eat you will be at the mercy of a corporation which has the patent for that particularly GM food. If you don’t choose to eat then you can kindly ignore this problem.

Pro’s and Cons of GM
1) These GM foods will be illegal to grow without patent rights.
2) These GM foods will not grow naturally. They require the magic formula of fertilizers.
3) These GM foods can cross pollinate and decimate forever our natural crops. Once this happens there is no turning back.
4) These GM foods have been shown to have side effects. Including: Toxicity, anti-nutritional, allergenic and carcinogenic.
5) The FDA is not equipped or interested in protecting us from GM foods mainly as result of the public being unaware.

1) Money and Power. Lots of it. These GM producers patent and control our food supply thus wielding unacceptable power and monetary control over us. Obviously a Pro for them, but just another Con for the people!

What can we do? Vote with your dollars. Don’t buy GM foods. Write to suppliers using GM and let them know that you are no longer going to buy their products. Write to your local, state and federal representatives voicing your concern and letting them know that meddling with our food supply is unconscionable.

Although I’ve been studying this issue now for minutes, hundreds of minutes, my credentials on the subject may leave something to be desired so if my expertise on the subject isn’t convincing I invite you to research the subject for yourself. Below are some helpful links which may provide a good start. - many videos on the subject.

After watching the videos I’m sure you are ready to learn a bit more and get involved. - nice site with info. And on their “Action Alert” page they provide links to various entities recommended to voice your concern with. - another site with lectures and a link to a petition to Obama. - another site with info including this very handy guide to avoiding GM products. -Shopping guide to avoid GM foods.

You are what you eat. And right now you are eating GM products and organisms which have never before been in our diets! Do something about it or suffer the consequences. It’s up to you!