Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Pigs, Iguanas and Holiday Cheer

We were provisioned and ready to go so we undocked and headed out to Port Everglades to make our way to Nassau. But a stiff wind and high seas forced us back. So we got a slip at Bahia Mar to wait for the conditions to improve. The next day as the winds abated and the seas subsided we set Gloria's Sun free and I went to the tender to follow behind.

Dohh! The heavy rains which worked the tender's bilges overtime drained the batteries and it wouldn't start. Something doesn't want us to get this trip started. But a quick jump start and I was underway to rendevous with the boat and secure the tow line amidst the cruise ships manuevaring in port.

Just outside of the inlet a Coast Guard boat circled around to tell us to turn on a navigation light on the tender as dusk was falling. Not technically a legal obligation, but you really can't say no even if it meant that it would certainly kill the batteries which theoretically could lead to sinking the tender if it took on water during the journey since the bilges wouldn't have the needed juice to run.

So with our fingers crossed and the ever dimming navigation light we made our way to Bimini and after about 8 hours dropped anchor to get a little rest. In the morning we pushed on, after jump starting the dead batteries in the tender and during my watch Fran and I had the privelage of being greeted by the biggest fish I've ever seen in person. A whale! I don't know what kind it was, but it was big, white, had a harpoon sticking out of it and had the intials M.D. tatooted on one fin and "Ahab Sucks" on the other;) It was definately saying hello though as it surfaced crossing our bow about 50 yards fore and playfully waved its fin and swam closely by our port side.

So we got into Nassau and docked at Yacht Haven where I washed the salt off the boat and looked forward to having xmas day off. Well I wound up working about 7 hours on xmas day and didn't even get a glimpse of Santa. No more days off for me, Thank you. And no more days of would I get. Yesterday was the 20 day of work in a row! OK, I did make some coin, but enough is enough!!

The crew did at least get to go out and have a nice xmas dinner at Atlantis which is the Bahamian oasis of ritz and glamour. And after dinner we strolled through the aquarium and spied on all the creatures: sharks, jelly fish, morray eels, sting rays, tuna and even a giant manta ray.

The following day I was riding in the Cadillac Escallade stretch limo to the airport to meet our guests, the Gough family from Longggg Island. I was right on time which turned out to be about 2 hours early due to the weather delays. Understandably, they weren't in the most cheerful mood, but as I uncorked the expensive champagne things instantly relaxed.

To be continued....
I wrote this a week ago and never got to finish. We got busy. And now this evening (1/17/07) I was told that I can (actually: use it or loose it) take my accrued days off, starting tomorrow!!!! So much for planning. I now it's been a while since I checked in so I'll just publish this much while I figure out where the hell I'm going to go to get out of Dodge for a few days. I'll try to pick up shortly where I left off from San Diego, Cancun, Puerto Rico, New Orleans or wherever I end up........ Pics to come.