Monday, February 09, 2015

Thank You Brian Williams

Am I Dreaming?

Warning: Fox News fans will most likely want to skip this or at least have your blood pressure meds handy. Everyone else, well, you too may not be pleased.

I was wondering why the news regarding the recent Brian Williams debacle was coming to light now, after so many years. Then it occurred to me that any good, intelligent alarm clock, especially a metaphysical one, which has failed in its task, will do what it can to complete it. In this case, GET LOUDER. Bear with me and I’ll explain.

So many people these days consider themselves “Awake” simply because they have come to realize that it’s possible to be in a very real slumber such as has reached epidemic proportions on this beautiful spherical spaceship we call Earth. However, the simple recognition that it’s possible to be asleep in an existential sense and arise from it does not come close to amounting to being “Awake”. It’s only then that the real work begins, not ends.

In the lucid dreaming world, one widely recognized method of determining whether or not you are dreaming is to try to read a digital readout. If you can read it then you are awake. If the numbers are scrambled or illegible then you can be sure you are dreaming. It’s really pretty simple, unless your real world digital appliance is actually on the fritz, in which case you are on your own. Unfortunately, we do not have such an effective test when we are in the “waking state” which we might refer to as normal (non-sleeping) everyday life.

That’s life and it’s a shame because the human race could really use an accurate tool for determining whether or not one is “Awake” in the philosophical worldly sense. These days many self professed “Awake” individuals who truly believe themselves to be “Awake” will point to this or that as evidence that they are in fact “Awake”.

I offer a word of caution and a suggestion. Please, for humanity’s sake, take a really close look and do your best to be honest with yourself. Is it possible you are mistaking the process of “awakening” for being “awake” and you may in fact still be caught up in a dream?   One such case in point is the “enlightened deduction” that Fox “News” is nothing but fabricated fantasies churning out propaganda for “The Conservatives”, “The Republicans”, Rupert Murdoch,  “The Neo-Cons”, “NWO sympathizers”, “Illuminati”, “Global Elite” or whatever term they choose to apply to their nemesis.

If it weren’t for the inexplicable fact that FOX “News” actually has viewers, I would say that the aforementioned understanding was self evident. The fact that it does have viewers only proves to me that there is a very real and disturbing possibility of being “asleep” and that the “Zombification” of humans is a very real thing which is occurring not only on Hollywood movie screens, but right before our very eyes.

I count it as fortunate that self proclaimed “Awakened” ones can clearly see this, but let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet. The fact is that waking up to the reality of what Fox “News” actually is and then switching the channel to NBC, CBS, CNN, et al. is akin to realizing that a .45 caliber bullet to the heart is fatal, but believing a .22 caliber is of no consequence.

The fact is that ALL television programming (it isn’t called programming for nothing) has an agenda. One might argue that it’s not all bad, but we need not fret over percentages. Anyway, I’m not suggesting that you don’t watch television at all. It can be useful to take barometric measurements of the pressures being placed on society if you can read between the lines while remaining sufficiently insulated from their effects. However, if you do subject yourself to T.V. then you should be aware of what the agenda is and not lose track of it.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that your television is one machine and every channel and every news outlet is a cog in that machine. Fox “News” just happens to be the biggest by far and most obvious cog in that machine. This is by design because it facilitates all the other much smaller cogs hiding behind it.  It would be laughable that “Television Programmers” would present such obvious tactics if they didn’t work so pathetically well on so many people. Sadly, they do and there is more to this deviously genius plot.

Fox grabs the attention of the population who are either incapable of critical thinking or for whatever reason refuse to employ it. Meanwhile, many of the self proclaimed awakened choose to point fingers, poke fun or worse, hurl expletives towards FOX and immediately deem that the appropriate response is to watch another channel. That is not the wisest of responses. If this is you, I respectfully ask “Are you able to tell the time on the reality testing digital watch.” Or are you still awakening?

 They are ALL cogs in the same machine. If nothing else, please consider this: Everything you see on T.V. is by design; it’s what “they” want you to see. Everything you hear on the news, no matter which station, is what they want you to hear.  I use the term “news” in this case just as loosely as Fox does.

So I would like to thank both Brian Williams and the proverbial alarm clock for getting louder and attempting to wake us up to the realization that nearly all, if not all, of the main stream media is a “Fox in sheep’s clothing”.

Let me be clear. In my humble opinion Brian Williams did not “make a mistake”. He lied. Then, instead of owning up to it and taking responsibility he offered, in the guise of an apology, an excuse. The excuse being, that he made a mistake which is just another lie on top of a lie. On top of that he has “voluntarily” removed himself from the air temporarily. This I take to mean, “I’m going to lie (pun intended) low for a while until everyone forgets about this”. Well, Mr. Williams, I’ll never forget.

Now if you disagree with holding journalists to a high standard that is your choice, but then you get what you deserve. For me, that would be like trading in a trusted physician for a cannibalistic witch doctor. Personally I seek the truth. Those whose profession it supposedly is to share with us the truth, who then knowingly and willingly fabricates a “truth” does not deserve to be in a position of telling me the truth.

It’s bad enough that we accept the fact that most of our politicians are pathological liars and stand by idly. It is a sign that the conditioning of mankind is nearly complete when we willingly apologize for our captors at every turn.

Can you hear the alarm clock? It’s so loud some of your neighbors might be hearing it. Why? Because it’s high time we all wake up. Mankind is counting on each of us. Dreams are only sweet when they are realized in the real world.


Here are a couple of tips: 

     1. If even for a half second you ask whether or not you are awake, you aren’t. There is no shame in that. Trust me, if you ARE “Awake” then you’ll really know it. How could you be awake if you didn’t know you were awake? 
   2.      If you still believe everything you see and hear then you are not “Awake”. If you don’t then you are awakening. If you believe none of it without confirming it for yourself, then you are making a real bonafide attempt to wake up. Congratulations and Thank You. That’s worthy of a hearty pat on the back.

If nothing else, please do me a favor and ask yourself, “Am I truly awake?” Our dreams depend upon it!

Just in case you are wondering: The fact that I have most certainly offended Fox “News” fans and others is not of concern and I make no apologies. If one were to tell me they enjoy it for the “entertainment” value, I could respect that, after all who doesn’t like being entertained. Otherwise… I suggest some research into “cognitive dissonance”. It’s a very powerful impediment and if you are suffering from it, you are another cog in their machine. The question is: Have you chosen to be or was it surreptitiously foisted on you?

"The best slave is one who believes them self free."