Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anniversary Cruise 2006

Not much to report. Just checking in. I had a pretty busy work week while Pierre ran off to Singapore. He met a girl online and fell in love. Well that was the fantasy he had going in to it. The reality wasn't as sweet. She was everything she said she was, but the fireworks or whatever fantastic notions "romantic love" conjure up just weren't there. But they had a nice time and he really was impressed with Singapore.

Meanwhile I was slaving away. Not on the boat though. I was working on Michael's property. Cleaning the house awnings, cleaning/sealing the patio, ripping up/jacking up/leveling the dock, adding rubber piling bumpers, etc. Now we are gearing up for the Holiday Boat Parade on the Intercoastal Way. We've got a front row slip reserved for the parade of decorated and lit up boats. Should be quite a spectacle! It's also a opportunity for Michael to throw a holiday party where we are expecting about 200 guests. After that we will start preparing for our next charter in the Bahamas which begins just after Christmas and goes through the new year.

Last week I got to hang out with Dennis Feilly. He had just done a Key West trip and was in town for the evening so we got together for some sushi and a few brews. Other than that I've just been running, getting in an occasional bike ride, busting a few moves downtown and working.

Oh while we were on the cruise, Gloria's Sun did a charter down in to Key West with Wally as first mate. Wally is Michael's friend who was planned to become co-captain with me when Pierre moves on. Well, it turns out that Wally isn't really cut out for the job so it's down to me. Good news for me I guess. I definately wasn't comfortable with a co-captain situation. Much the same as too many cooks spoil the pot, I believe there can only be one captain. Afterall, the "Buck stops here.", not "the buck stops here and there".

So that is it. I added a few pics from the Mexico cruise. I hope all is well. The new car looks sweet! Enjoy. Mom, let Dad drive it once in a while, OK? ;>