Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Bahamas

Well, I wish I had something really cool to report to you, but the truth is that the weather has continued to be rather bad. The temperature is in the mid 70’s, but it’s been windy most of the time with rain coming and going constantly. So all in all we’ve been mostly hunkered down on the boat.

I’ve gone swimming a couple of times. Took a quick boat ride, but turned around due to rough conditions. I poked my head into some shops. But mostly it’s been a lot of time to just relax. The good news is that there really isn’t much work to actually get done. And the family are all very nice people.

Today I spent a few hours trying to hunt down lobster tails for dinner. Surprisingly though, there are none to be had. The season is over and after checking with the only two places that can legally import them at this time I found that they have had a horrible lobster season. In fact, they had a shipment to export for Florida three days ago and they were short so they pulled all the tails in town from the retail stores and sent them too. I guess we will have to be satisfied with the huge Stone Crab Claws we ate the other night.

Ron, Cindy and their son Zach are leaving tomorrow and the next crew will arrive. We are all praying for the weather to turn around. Not so much for our fun factor. More for our sanity. The next crew is bringing along 7 grandchildren so if the weather doesn’t allow for getting them outside on the beach we are in for a long week.

Coming Up
Well, a quick update until I catch up: The kids have come and gone, the weather has improved dramatically, we’ve convinced the owners to chill for a few more days and we found some lobster tails afterall…..

(a few pics have been added)