Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jumping Ship, or rather, Tossed Overboard

Jumping Ship, or rather, Tossed Overboard

Life is a series of continuous change and this applies to employment also. Friday morning I was blindsided and got the boot. Hans was happy with my work and couldn’t offer any constructive criticism for me to work on. In the end the only reason they gave for letting me go is because I didn’t have the right experience to take the owners/children/grandchildren fishing on the 31 ft. Jupiter and 18 ft. Flats boat.

OK. I can’t really argue, sport fishing is not my forte. But they knew this going into the job. Thus I can only assume that I was used to fill a spot which they needed filled right away for the Bahamas trip and it wasn’t going to be a permanent position at all. Pretty lame! Or maybe it was because I’m a vegetarian and the owners are the biggest hog and turkey farmers on the east coast?! It doesn’t really matter now. It would have been better if they been upfront about it. Then I could have had my resume floating about and working on a contingency plan for the end of the trip. But now the window of opportunity is all but closed for getting on a boat headed for the Mediterranean as most have already left on the crossing.

C’est La Vie! It was a good experience and now it’s time to look forward and move on.

So now I’m back down in Ft. Lauderdale, back at Neptune House. There is a ton of daywork available which is good. But that isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. There are still some permanent positions available from what I hear so all is not lost. I just have to get out there and drum up some business. Time to update the resume and get out there to rub elbows…….