Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me/ Happy conception to my Sis

Happy Birthday to Me/ Happy conception to my Sis

Well we just finished another succesful Bahamas charter with the Johnson Family from Connecticut?? We started and ended in Nassau and did our usual cruise up and down the Exumas. The pictures are posted. Familar places, different faces.

No sooner had we waved goodbye to the Johnsons' when MJP's friend and Ex NFL player Mo Williams came aboard with a few friends who were still lingering around from a bachelor party. It's spring break so it's a busy time here. No shortage of intoxicated young ones roaming around.

The weather was decent, but a little on the windy side. In fact we should be back in Lauderdale already, but when we tried to leave on Tuesday we got hit with 10+ ft. swells and had to turn around.

It's now Friday and it looks like I'll be working on my b-day since MJP took the opportunity to invite a couple of friends to fly over on Sunday and use the boat for a few days since we are here. Actually they're coming to golf and we are providing sleeping accomadations. Not so happy about that. Particularly since 25 knot Northeast winds aren't going to be very conducive to golfing and if they come they may well cause us to miss a window of opportunity to get back before the next windy system comes through. Then again things don't seem to be letting up so there may not be any window anytime soon. Very unusual for this time of the year.

In any case, here we are, at least Pierre and I. Chef Fran flew home. Stew Todd flew to the carribean today to work with Captain John (ex-Gloria's Sun Captain & current manager). Speaking with Captain John last night on the phone he asked me how things were going and I responded that we were a little burnt around the edges. Then he asked when was the last time I got a raise and he said he would talk to MJP about bumping me up. I had just enough time to thank him before the satellite phone cut out. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish telling him not to bother because I won't be on this boat long enough for it to matter. Yes, my time on Gloria's Sun is winding down. Pierre's also. We both really like MJP, but we just can't take his "miserliness" any longer. So Pierre is going to be leaving in June to head to the Med. to look for another Captain's position with the thought of giving me first dibs on the Mate position.

I'm going to be jumping ship before that. In April I plan on taking a US Coast Guard or MCA Yachtmaster (international) Captain's licensing course, depending on scheduling and availability.It's not likely to lead right away to a Captain's position, at least not on a mega yacht, but it will definately enhance my ability to get a really good Mate position. It will also facillitate my summer plans which require a Captain's license.

What are these plans? Glad you asked. My old friend Captain Dennis Feeley has asked me to join forces with him to help grow his business which besides Captaining, teaching boat handling and boat maintenence, includes teaching the mandatory NJ Recreational Boating Safety Course. Yep, it looks like I'll be home for the summer!

So that's where I'm at. Waiting to get back to Lauderdale and waiting to figure out exactly when I'm heading north. It should be sometime in May.

Be sure to raise one in honor of my 27th birthday. It's not everyday one turns 27. Especially for the second time ;>

Special congrats to my sis for getting knocked up!!!! Raise one up for her too, especially since she won't be able to for 9 months.

Way to go Rifca!!!! Now I'm finally off the hook.... :)

So long from the windy city (of Nassau)