Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back into the Matrix

End of September 2013

After taking leave of the Zion there was one historical site I decided to check out before  reinserting myself squarely back in to the matrix. The old ghost town of Grafton seemed like an appropriate reentry point. 

Ghosts drive this tractor now!
The old shell of a town lies just outside of Zion National Park down a rough and dusty dirt road alongside of the Virgin River. Settled by Mormons in the 1860's they enjoyed the fertile farm lands adjacent  to the river for a spell only occasionally suffering through some local flooding.

However, it was the increasingly numerous conflicts with the native locals which eventually caused a few deaths and consequently the death of the town when elders rallied the town's people to all move to nearby Hurricane where there were safety in numbers. 

Ghostly Grafton Graves
The town's people returned to work their fields daily for a while, but the small graveyard lies as testament to the rough life and hardships which eventually caused the town to fade like a half seen apparition. 

Closing the chapter on Utah I headed into Arizona where just south of Page, AZ there is a geological wonder known as Horseshoe Bend. This should not be confused with a recent mysterious "geological event" which has forced a big detour from Rt. 89 leading to the Bend when a large section of the highway buckled due to yet unknown forces. 

Horseshoe Bend

Although it is the Colorado River, Horseshoe Bend isn't technically part of the Grand Canyon. At least not officially as it lies a few miles outside of the park. However it is a spectacular and unique view which I recommend adding to your Grand Canyon excursion if you have the chance. 

East End of Grand Canyon

Following the detour I wound up in the Grand Canyon just in time to catch a chilly sunset. Another day was coming to a close as the Sun's golden rays subsided while the shadows of the canyon floor crept up the canyon walls and enveloped one of the largest holes on the planet as it does just about every diurnal period.  Amid the throngs of people gawking and photographing the G.C. I found a spot, got a few shots and decided that as grand as it is, I felt the call of the San Diego stronger.

Museum&Gift shop Grand Canyon Style
In the morning I would tour through the beautiful and highly charged Sedona before making one more stop in Joshua Tree before diving back into the pacific ocean and the wavy waters of north county San Diego. And with that the trips comes to an end. Sort of.....

Watch your Step!!!

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